Mobility Movement Made in Montreal

Ten years ago PBSC Urban Solutions changed the landscape of urban mobility forever. The revolution began quietly at first, with just one city, but not long after a second joined in, followed by a third, and now more than 27 others. A revolution that started in the streets of Montreal is now global, with cities across the world riding with us. From Rio de Janeiro to London, Guadalajara to Chicago, we’re crossing borders and hopping continents. What can we say, we love to start a trend.


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PBSC’s ICONIC bike, the BIXI bike model, is celebrating its 10th birthday and all these years later is still considered the industry standard in style, safety and quality. The ICONIC is truly representative of Montreal, its design a direct result of the creativity, innovation and talent that abounds in this city. Built with a durability that exceeds expectations, the original ICONIC bikes introduced a decade ago for BIXI are still in use today. Can you imagine all the ground they’ve covered, all the stories they’ve been a part of?


It’s impossible for us to celebrate the birth of the ICONIC without honoring BIXI. We take great pride in our longstanding partnership with BIXI. Our teamwork, our innovation, and our shared desire to see bike sharing grow in Montreal and around the world are just some of the many we’re delighted to collaborate with BIXI.

In 2017, we presented the 50,000th ICONIC bike to BIXI to commemorate the 375th anniversary of Montreal. During the ceremony, we couldn’t help but reflect on all that we’ve accomplished together and all there is to come.

2017 was a record-breaking year for BIXI with more than 4.8 million trips taken around Montreal! This year promises to bring even more success.


While BIXI has been focused on promoting bike sharing in Montreal, PBSC has been taking the message global. In the last couple of years, we have expanded our network to include 15 new cities across three countries while expanding our existing bike share systems and developing two new bike models.

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We are proud to introduce the FIT and the BOOST, both of which have been built with the same quality, robustness, and aesthetic appeal of our ICONIC bike, so loved by Montrealers.

In creating the FIT, we took our ICONIC model and made it lighter, faster and sleeker. It has already been rolled out in Honolulu, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and four other cities across Brazil, where its arrival has been met with great enthusiasm.

The BOOST is an electric pedal-assist bike that offers exactly what the title suggests; helping riders climb steep inclines, combat headwinds and catch a breath when they need it most. The BOOST will provide an extra lift for longer trips, so go ahead, take the scenic route.


If the last few years serve as any indication, the future of bike share is bright. To date our mobility movement has facilitated more than 220 million rides across 27 different countries and we’re confident that with the addition of the FIT and the BOOST even more people will jump in the saddle. The mobility movement that started here in Montreal is expanding all over the world, proof that we really are changing the world one city at a time!

We work with cities all over the 🌎 to provide innovative, reliable and secure public bike-share solutions. 🚲 MTL, LDN, BCN, RIO, Dubai+++

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