Cycling and bike-share take centre stage in the new COVID-reality

In the face of the COVID-19 health crisis, the bike is emerging as a top transportation choice around the world. Cities are transforming to accommodate more cyclists on the road and we think bike-share is set to surge.

As cities around the world start to ease lockdown restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, governments from New Zealand are rushing to erect dedicated bike lanes and walkways so that residents may practice physical distancing while commuting and exercising. In Paris, 650-km of emergency bike lanes will traverse the city and the French government is providing individual citizens with €50 to get their old bikes fixed in an effort to promote active travel. The initiative is part of a €20-million investment to cover bicycle repairs and increase bike storage post quarantine. The United Kingdom is also investing heavily in cycling with bike repair vouchers, pop-up cycling lanes, as well as cycle and bus-only corridors finding favour.

Bike-share rides a wave

In the decade or so since bike-share emerged on the scene as a transportation alternative, advocates of shared micromobility have touted it as a way to promote more liveable, sustainable, and accessible cities. Does that still hold true now that the world has changed?

Photo : BIXI Montréal

Where do cities go from here?

Consulting firm McKinsey that in Europe, where governments are more likely to support green mobility initiatives, consumers will adopt multiple modes of transport by 2025, while on the regulatory front, shared and electric mobility will increase in the urban environment.



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