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3 min readMar 17, 2021

PBSC’s relationship with France grows stronger with time, and the latest French market to welcome our bikes, smart stations and technologies is Clermont-Ferrand! To suit up the city’s upcoming public bike-share system, this historic capital of the Auvergne region is about to greet a fleet of 680 ICONIC bikes and 57 Solar Stations.

“At PBSC, we like to say we’re embracing the collective power of micromobility. This great system exemplifies the positive impact that choosing urban bike-share can have on our planet,” says Luc Sabbatini, CEO of PBSC.

Replacing another system by a different provider, this new C.vélo solution will roll out in September 2021, and we’re quite thrilled to collaborate with CityBike France (Moventia), who will run C.vélo’s operations, and Groupe La Poste, who will to cover its long-term rental offer. The partners were selected by the authority managing public transit in the region, the Syndicat Mixte des Transports en Commun de l’Agglomération Clermontoise (SMTC-AC).

“CityBike is proud to have closed the year 2020 with this new success, which reinforces our presence in this territory. We are eager — with our partners PBSC and La Poste — to bring new life to the C. vélo self-service bike-sharing system and to allow the agglomeration of the Auvergne region’s capital to access the very latest generation of mobility services,” says Jordi Cabañas, General Manager of CityBike.

“Groupe La Poste gave itself the goal of accelerating its transformation by continuing to diversify. With the ambition of becoming the first business focused on human proximity services, for everyone, everywhere, every day, La Poste is committed to simplifying life. Through Bemobi, La Poste offers integrated, long-term bike-share rental services for businesses and collectives. We’re proud to bring our expertise in operating e-bike fleets for long-term rental to citizens, and our distribution networks to the inhabitants of the agglomeration of Clermont-Ferrand,” says Laurent Raffin, Deputy Director Business Unit Bike service — Mobilité Vélo and CEO Fluow

With the wondrous Puy-de-Dome volcano just a stone’s throw away, Clermont-Ferrand’s citizens and tourists will appreciate an efficient, healthy, and eco-friendly bike-share system, solution, one that meshes with the agglomeration’s existing transit system.

Our tried-and-true ICONIC bike makes an elegant, practical match with the streets and citizens of this historic French agglomeration. An international bike-share fave for more than a decade (with many subtle upgrades over the years), count on our ageless ICONIC to get the job done, in style and trust. Each ICONIC deployed to Clermont-Ferrand will be dressed up with a smart lock. Cyclists can secure the bike to make stops en route (pop into a shop, for example), and even return their ICONIC in proximity to a smart station, in case it is full during busy commute moments.

Indeed, our best-in-class technology solutions have swiftly become another PBSC calling card! The PBSC app invites cyclists to locate and rent bikes using QR codes, and the system will be synced with Clermont-Ferrand’s Oùra! transit smartcard, to enable tap-and-go at smart stations. In addition to supplying equipment, PBSC will handle system transition management to ensure a seamless switch-over that works like a charm. As we like to say, active people, smart cities, healthy planet!

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