A Q&A with PBSC’s CRO

Start us off with your career journey, how did you find yourself in the world of bikeshare?

What was the bikeshare landscape like at the time? Which cities already had bike-share systems?

GC and some of the PBSC team along with the Tembici team in Brazil

How has the industry evolved in the past 10 years? How have cities changed in the way they see micromobility solutions?

Walk us through your day-to-day, what is a typical day in the life of PBSC’s CRO?

GC at launches in Barcelona (left) and Dubai (right)

How has you and your team adapted to the new reality to keep PBSC growing despite COVID.

What are you most proud of at PBSC?

GC at the VeloCity conference in Rio de Janeiro
GC poses with Luc Sabbatini, our CEO.



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PBSC Urban Solutions

PBSC Urban Solutions

We work with cities all over the 🌎 to provide innovative, reliable and secure public bike-share solutions. 🚲 MTL, LDN, BCN, RIO, Dubai+++