A Q&A with PBSC’s CRO

Start us off with your career journey, how did you find yourself in the world of bikeshare?

GC: I joined the company in 2009, over 11 years ago. My main mandate was to grow the business internationally. At the time, our system was only in Montreal, but I really saw the potential for sales abroad.

What was the bikeshare landscape like at the time? Which cities already had bike-share systems?

GC: Bikeshare has been around for a long time. Of course, it has evolved a lot since then, the technologies were very different back then. It is said that the early European bikeshare systems is what inspired the mayor of Montreal to create an improved version, BIXI, for his own city.

GC and some of the PBSC team along with the Tembici team in Brazil

How has the industry evolved in the past 10 years? How have cities changed in the way they see micromobility solutions?

GC: At the beginning, when I used to go pitch our product to cities, bikeshare was still very new. An important part of the job was educating our potential clients about what bikeshare really was, and what it could do to change their city’s urban landscape and transportation ecosystem for the better.

Walk us through your day-to-day, what is a typical day in the life of PBSC’s CRO?

GC: Every day is different, there really is no “typical” day. Sometimes my team and I are focused on a specific RFP. Other times, we’re working closely with the marketing team to find new clients and partners for our products.

GC at launches in Barcelona (left) and Dubai (right)

How has you and your team adapted to the new reality to keep PBSC growing despite COVID.

GC: The pandemic is terrible, but it also brought a spotlight to our business. People are a lot more comfortable riding a bike than taking public transportation these days, so the interest in our field is growing fast. Cities are encouraging cycling more than ever and are investing in cycling infrastructure and bikeshare.

What are you most proud of at PBSC?

GC: I think we really go the extra mile at PBSC. We really try to understand each city’s unique needs and provide them with the best solution possible. Something that’s quite special at PBSC is the opportunity to look back at a system like London’s, which is over a decade old and still there today, and say that I contributed to making a real difference in the city’s landscape.

GC at the VeloCity conference in Rio de Janeiro
GC poses with Luc Sabbatini, our CEO.



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